2016 Federal Election: Uncertain outcome as recriminations begin to fly

Jul 3, 2016 by

2016 Federal Election: Uncertain outcome as recriminations begin to fly

AUSTRALIA’s double-dissolution election has failed to hand Malcolm Turnbull the stability he wanted, instead leaving the nation in suspense as to its eventual outcome.

The National Liberal Party leader insists the final trickle of votes yet to be counted will tip him over the line of 76 seats needed for majority government. If so, he will perpetually be just one scandal away from losing power.

Labor party leader Bill Shorten also has been unable to claim government, but has declared his party ‘is back’ and that the Coalition no longer has a mandate from the people.

The prospect of a hung parliament remains.

With a little more than 77 per cent of the vote counted,after pre-poll votes were added to running totals in 150 lower house seats in the early hours of this morning, the Coalition and Labor had each won 67 seats, the Greens one and independents four.

The future Australian government will now be resolved by the 11 seats which remain in doubt. Of these, Labor is ahead in six.

Any hopes the double-dissolution election and revised electoral rules would deliver stability to Australia’s Senate may have been dashed. While the Senate count process is also yet to be completed, it appears the cross-bench will include Darryn Hinch, Jacqui Lambie, three Nick Xenophon Team senators and Pauline Hanson.



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