90 Marketing Strategies to Improve Your Fitness Business

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90 Marketing Strategies to Improve Your Fitness Business
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90 Marketing Strategies to Improve Your Fitness Business

A poor marketing strategy will definitely hamper the growth of your business. It is important for you to have completed your client avatar sheet by now.

When you fail to define who your targeted audiences are, you will have trouble attracting clients as you will only be sending out the wrong information.

But once you succeed in defining your ideal clients, it is will be easier for you to develop winning sales strategies that will boost your sales.

One fact you need to have in mind, is that only 1 to 5% of your sales lead will instantly make a purchase; the rest will want to understand the nature of your business.

85% of prospective buyers will first check all about you online before getting across to you.

As there is no perfect strategy that will attract great number of clients, you will have to experiment with several strategies. All you need do is to select about 5 of the strategies I am about to share with you, consistently put them to practice and then watch your business grow.

If you are ready, let’s get started.

90 marketing strategies that are guaranteed to boost your sales

  1. Tell the whole world about your business, wherever you find yourself. It’s a bad thing to let fear keep you from sharing with people how you can help improve their lives
  2. Your business card is a strong selling tool. You need to have lots of them
  3. The fastest way of building a robust client base, is to put in sufficient efforts in building strong relationships and alliances with your clients. Once you understand your clients, it will be easy for you to know their preferences. Go out of your way to build a strong relationship with the manager of the business, and then create a strategic alliance that will help your business grow.
  4. Having a Facebook Business page is the best way to build your community and your business. You need to have one
  5. Facebook ads are very efficient, especially with growing your leads and email database.
  6. Never underestimate the power of a blog, as it gives you a strong presence in your locality. With a blog, it will be easier for your prospective customers to understand the nature of your business. When they are ready to make a purchase, you will be the first they will contact. The post you put on your blog should be able to reflect your person. However, you will need to be consistent for a blog to work for you. At least, you should write once every week.
  7. The Social media should be your best ally. Facebook Instagram and I would even recommend SnapChat. Find out which platform you will find most of your clients. Once you have found it, stay on it all the time.
  8. Always be in your business uniform as it has a way of attracting needed attention
  9. Make friends and strike alliances with likes of massage therapists, chiropractors, dieticians, psychologists, physiotherapists and dieticians.
  10. Flier isn’t an outdated marketing strategy; make good use of them. Fliers give you 1 to 5% response rate. This is why you ask people who finally get across to you how they got to know about you, so as to know what works. Let’s assume you paid $200 to get your fliers printed and distributed and at the end of the day you got two clients willing to pay you $50 dollar every week for at least 3 weeks, then your investment was worth it.
  11. When visitors visit your home page, the first thing they will check is your about page. It can only grab their attention if it is catchy and creatively designed. People are never bored of stories, tell them a good one. Tell them about your background, your personality and anything you think will capture their attention.
  12. Never let go of clients you did business with in time past. Customers that have done business with you in the time past, will more likely come back. When you help people solve their problems, they will most likely come back again. A simple Hi to them, is a good follow up technique.
  13. It is important your friends and family know about your business. A simple email or letter will do. Hi, I would like you to check out my business and tell me how I might be of help to you. Let me know if someone else is interested.
  14. Reach out to all shopping centers and local markets around the locality of your business. This is an excellent way of getting the local people know about your business. You can either give them a flier or gift cards which they will win through draws.
  15. When trying to get many followers on Twitter, your first point of call should be the influencers and industry leaders. When you follow them, you will find them following you too.
  16. Get across to people that share the same interest with you via social media.
  17. Look for people who will inspire and encourage you, and reach out to them. Politely introduce yourself to them, and in no time you would have developed a strong business relationship with them.
  18. One way of making your clients feel special is to keep in touch cards. Most people neglect this strategy, but it works. A special email from you to a client will definitely relieve them the boredom of seeing bills all the time in their mails.
  19. A testimonial is a strong selling point for you
  20. Participate in events happening in your community
  21. Create a signage or a frame so as to increase the awareness of people about your business.
  22. Put a banner in front of your business space, with a value pack included in them. A client I once taught this technique did this and received more than 40 enquiries in a month.
  23. Stage interesting competitions on your blog
  24. Organize seminars
  25. Make good use of the internet in selling your products and services
  26. Find out the solution missing in your niche, and share them on your blog
  27. Offer free trainings on your website, as it helps build your client base faster.
  28. Share helpful contents on online forums
  29. When marketing your products online, your will need auto responders in creating a mailing list.
  30. You will need to install opt-ins on your website so as to get more leads
  31. Take networking seriously
  32. Offer something unique and different every month.
  33. One way of attracting loyal customers, is offering them gifts. A $100 gift card will be your best bet. You can either give them out as Christmas present, or to past clients.
  34. Be on the lookout for awards in your niche. I have friends that have won awards that really gave them the much needed exposure.
  35. To keep your readers long enough on your blog, you need to add links to other blogs.
  36. Consistency is important when you upload posts on Facebook. 5 posts a week should be a good amount to schedule to keep your facebook active and always showing up in the newsfeed. Make sure you follow the 80/20 rule – The 80/20 Rule’ should always be a big part of your social media strategy. It simply comes down to this: use just 20% of your content to promote your brand, and dedicate 80% of  content that really interests your audience and engages them in conversations.
  37. Develop creative ways of regularly reminding people of your business.
  38. Make it very easy for people to ask you questions on Facebook.
  39. Offers are what attract people to opt in on your website. You need to keep change them to make them attractive.
  40. Offer free calls during your monthly seminars.
  41. Never allow your website to grow stale. Keep it fresh all the time and use Google analytics to tweak as much as possible.
  42. Don’t just chat with people online, go out of your way to meet them offline
  43. What would you do if you are number 1 in the world? Ask yourself that question all the time.
  44. Well-designed landing pages can boost your sales. My favorite is Leadpages
  45. Attend all expos .
  46. Create Pop Ups or Landing pages to capture more visitors. Have them installed on your site
  47. Upload your videos on YouTube
  48. Your emails should include your signature
  49. Post insightful comments on blogs
  50. SEO on of the most important services to have done to your website.
  51. Give out freebies to your signed up to your database.
  52. It is important you keep up with the keywords people put into search engines. You can do this through the use of Google Keyword Toolbox
  53. Sign up on Sourcebottle, to receive updates for writing publications
  54. Send out letters to neighbors so as to make them know the services you offer.
  55. Take your potential clients to supermarkets and teach them how to spot good food deals
  56. Offer $1 happy hour points
  57. As a sign of appreciation, send out gifts to your clients in their workplace.
  58. Upload before and after pictures
  59. Give proofs of what you want to help people achieve
  60. Engage the use of testimonials for all the services you offer
  61. Never get tired of saying thank you to your clients. If possible, invite them for awards
  62. During each of your sessions, take photographs of your activities and have them uploaded online. Pictures make much bigger impression.
  63. Look for your clients going through difficult situations, invite them with someone they care about, and they offer them your services for free for 30 days. This is a good avenue for getting more clients
  64. Your clients will become your ambassadors when you give them the best treatment.
  65. Use school newsletters to your advantage, as they are quite cheap
  66. Lead boxes allow you gather people’s names. Offering $100 gift cards will even make it more efficient
  67. If you want to keep up with developments in your niche, you will need to conduct frequent surveys
  68. Place bananas either in front of your business or others. Then put a sticker right beside the banana which reads “Go banana with our $1 happy hour personal training session”
  69. Put your business cards inside fish bowls in local business, to make it easy for people to reach your business card
  70. Just like every other endeavor, consistency and perseverance are important
  71. A creative way of attracting more clients, is to give out free barbeques on Saturdays after your training sessions
  72. Allow your clients come along with their friends on Friday.
  73. Make friends with people into car servicing. Request them to put your stickers on the mirrors of cars after they are done servicing
  74. Device a way of welcoming people to your neighborhood either through the use of letters or vouchers
  75. Using community vouchers can greatly improve lead generation. This is more effective during fund raising sessions. One way of doing this is to create vouchers worth $100 and then giving 10 to 50 of them to schools or charities, requesting them to sell them for $15 to $20. What you are really interested in is generating leads. The school or charities can keep the proceeds from the sale.
  76. Every month, select a business within your locality, based on your feedback received from your clients. After that, go to them with a letter or voucher and award them “business of the month”
  77. Together with the restaurants and cafes in your locality, go out of your way to design nutritional breakfast, and then put your business brands on them.
  78. Other than striking alliance with car servicing businesses, do the same for florist by sending them bouquet of flowers or gifts just to make them feel special
  79. Send out birthday wishes to your former clients and all contacts on your mailing list
  80. Devout a day in a month to create awareness about your business
  81. Use your car as a moving billboard by branding your business signature on them
  82. Whenever you are speaking at an event, ensure your banners are kept in a strategic location
  83. Eliminate fears from your clients by offering them money back guarantee
  84. Put pictures that reflect success of your program in your club
  85. Regularly update your details on Google Map and Place
  86. Brand your services on t-shirts and water bottles
  87. During festive occasions like Christmas, send out vouchers to your clients for their friends and families
  88. Work collaboratively with charities. There are so many ways by which you can make donations. Some include; unwanted clothes, a fraction of your sales, discounts etc.
  89. It is important you monitor all your prospects. One sure way of doing this is through the use of 1-31 folders which can stay for a month or so. Let’s say a client asked you to call on 21st, all you need do is to put a reminder in the form of a note inside the folder
  90. Nothing is a fun as social days. Your fitness program will be successful if you can bring your clients on certain days, and make them have a great time with their friends and families.

If you took your time to read all strategies shared here, you will have noticed that most of them require building a solid relationship. It is vital for your success.

You don’t need to follow all the strategies shared here religiously. Just find out what works best for you and make necessary improvements.

When inquiring how your clients got to know about you, try finding out if it was through your fliers, your website or both.

It is entirely in your hands to make this strategies work for you.

They work if you apply them properly




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