Brickwork Marketplace | Another Aspect

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Brickwork Marketplace | Another Aspect

Brickwork marketplace ,now big cool mall , including  Woolworths Dan murphy , cibo tony and marks and hand car wash ( Touch N Glow ) . It also has more than 40 speciality shops and 700 on- grade car park and proven favorite franchises such as cibo.

brickworks market adelaide

Brickworks market Adelaide

Now we have a hand car wash there when people need their car wash they can get it done, while shop.

But bank branch and a post office is required at brickwork marketplace. People really need post office services at marketplace.

Before a big mall it was a local market, famous for vegetables and other trendy reasonable kid toys, at that time it was two story dumps.

People love visiting here on Saturday Sunday, at night time people used to bring their muscle cars, under lights. It was really scenic.

Lot of childhood memories are buried.

When Woolworths took over the place they fill all dumped place with huge amount of soil, to fill two story dump.

At the moment big Woolworth mall is here, locals, especially women are relived, cause another market is around 4-5 kms away.

Yesterday i was thinking about another prospect of brickwork market place.

Adelaide oval is a stadium in Adelaide, South Australia, located in the parklands between the city centre and north Adelaide.

The stadium is mostly used for cricket and Australian Rules football, but also plays host to rugby league union, soccer, and concerts. Its record crowd for cricket was 52,633 during the 2014-15 big bash league season semi-finals between the Adelaide strikers and Sydney sixers,

From Adelaide oval brickwork marketplace is only 5-7 kms away.

In city there is lack of space for car parking. If somehow manage to build local transport from brickwork marketplace to Adelaide oval, it can be great for fans and as a facility.

Cause brickwork marketplace was already two stories down. If they build underground car parking, car parking spaces could be highly increased 700 to 1000 parking.

In city they charge average 12-13$ for night. But if they will charge even $5 per night for a one car. Govt and council can earn $2000- $5000 per night on weekends. Underground car parking would be Great idea.

Brickwork marketplace if some one has more suggestion please let us know in comment box..



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