Adelaide to Cape Jervis | Adelaide Airport to Cape Jervis

Oct 3, 2017 by

Adelaide to Cape Jervis | Adelaide Airport to Cape Jervis

Adelaide to cape jervis | Adelaide airport to cape jervis

1 h 37 min (107.1 km) via Main S Rd

1 h 37 min (107.1 km) via Main S Rd





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10 Aussie expressions to master | G’day, mate

Sep 18, 2017 by

10 Aussie expressions to master | G’day, mate

10 Aussie expressions to master | G’day, mate



In honor of Australia Day (celebrated on the 26th January) and our laid back brothers and sisters Down Under, we’ve put together a list of ten Aussie expressions everyone should master (along with the world-famous “Aussie, Aussie, Aussie, Oi, oi, oi” chant, of course!)

Aussies are as relaxed about their language as they are about life, so using some (or all) of these expressions will bring your stress levels down and help you see the world from that characteristically chilled out Aussie perspective. If you’re a foreigner living in Australia or planning to visit soon, making an extra effort to adopt some of the slang is essential for your survival as everyone from the handsome barista at your favorite coffee shop to the Prime Minister will be using it.

We’ve thrown in a few pronunciation tips at the end so you sound as authentic as possible when you test out those “g’day’s” and “good on ya’s” on your new “mates”.

1. “Aussie”

What does it mean? Obvious and easy (we hope). You won’t catch Australians calling themselves Australian. They’ll say Aussie. Why, you ask? Well, it’s shorter to start. It also sounds more friendly and cuddly, just like those koala bears you’ve always dreamed of hugging.

How do you use it? “Did you meet my friend yesterday?” “You mean the Aussie? Yes, I did.”

2. “Mate”

What does it mean? Another word for friend. Common in Britain as well, but used even more enthusiastically by Aussies, who pepper the ends of their sentences with a longer, stretched out “maaaaate” that conveys friendliness and establishes a relaxed bond between the speakers. Can also be used to start a sentence, for effect.

How do you use it? “Sorry, can you tell me what time the train leaves?”, “At 2 o’clock, mate” or “Mate. You won’t believe what I saw”.

3. “G’day”

What does it mean? General greeting, used instead of “hello”, both day and night. Often combined with “mate”, as in…

How do you use it? “G’day, mate!” (mostly used by men though, not so often by women.)

4. “How are you going?”

What does it mean? Nothing to do with where you may or may not be going. Aussies use it to ask “how are you?” or to say “are you OK?” or “do you need help (with that task)?”

How do you use it? When someone asks: “How are you going?”, you can just answer normally with a “Good, thanks” or “Good, but…” if you need help with something and the question was formulated with that angle in mind.

5. “Good on ya”

What does it mean? Short for “good on you”. Way to show approval (like “well done”, “good job”) and express heartfelt congratulations. Also used to replace expressions like “really?”, “oh yeah” etc. in casual conversation. It can also be used sarcastically, ie. when you want to be a little mean, but don’t want to actually utter a mean word.

How do you use it? Positive: “Good on ya, mate. You really aced that exam!” Sarcastic: “You broke a surf board again. Good on ya, mate.”

6. “I’m stuffed”

What does it mean? Americans would use this to mean they’re full (of food), but Aussies also use it to say that they’re tired or in trouble.

How do you use it? Depends on what you want to say. If you want to say you’re tired, just say “I had a tough day at work today. I’m stuffed.”

7. “No worries”

What does it mean? Used to mean everything from “you’re welcome” to “relax”. You’ll hear this one all the time in lots of different situations.

How do you use it? “Thanks for buying me that concert ticket.” “No worries.”

8. “Togs”

What does it mean? Swimsuit, swim trunks

How do you use it? “Don’t forget your togs, we’re going to the beach today!”

9. “Barbie”

What does it mean? Short for barbeque, not the toy you played with as a kid. Aussies are almost as committed to barbecuing as South Africans and Americans, and even holidays like Christmas are celebrated with a relaxed, sun-soaked family barbie at the beach, not a formal sit-down dinner like in Europe.

How do you use it? “Rob’s having a barbie at the beach today.”

10. “Esky”

What does it mean? Portable (drinks) cooler for short. Aussies bring their eskys with them to that said beach barbie in order to keep the drinks cool. It gets really hot in the summer in Australia, so you better have that esky on hand to keep the cool drinks flowing and your body temperature at tolerable levels.

How do you use it? “Don’t forget the esky! It’s hot out today!”

BONUS: Aussies don’t pronounce r’s at the end of words (they say “foreva”, “togetha” etc. instead of “forever”, “together”) or g’s (they say “fishin’, drivin’ etc. instead of “fishing” or “driving”). More pronunciation tips here.

Image by Chrisjtse (Flickr/Creative Commons)

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Carl’s Jr A US fast food chain is about to open its first South Australian store, in Mount Barker

Jul 18, 2017 by

Carl’s Jr A US fast food chain is about to open its first South Australian store, in Mount Barker

A US fast food chain is about to open its first South Australian store, in the Adelaide Hills. Carl’s Jr will open in the AM/PM service station on Dutton Rd on Saturday (July 22), the burger giant already has more than 3500 stores across the world. The station’s owner Frank Agostino says he chose the Mt Barker site because as a local himself, the council and community have been very supportive of his business. He has also confirmed there will be no Carl’s Jr opening at the controversial Stirling site. The store will be the third to open in Australia with sites already open in NSW and Queensland. Mr agostino ownes the exclusive rights to the chain in SA and the Northern territory saying a second SA site is already in the works, it will be a stand alone store but its exact location has yet to be revealed.

Local News
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South Australia braces for more wild weather

Sep 29, 2016 by

South Australia braces for more wild weather

At least 75,000 homes are still without power in South Australia although the lights are back on in Adelaide’s metropolitan areas, as the state braces for more wild weather.

Premier Jay Weatherill says power is slowly returning to thousands of residents after super cell thunderstorms caused a state-wide blackout on Wednesday.

‘Overnight we’ve managed to restore all but 75,000 of the 900,000 homes to power, but we are not out of the woods yet – there is a very strong system that is approaching our west coast,’ he told the Nine Network.


South Australia braces for more wild weather

South Australia braces for more wild weather

Mr Weatherill said about 35,000 of the remaining homes without power are expected to have it restored on Thursday, but it’s unclear when thousands of west coast residents will be back on the grid.

‘There has been catastrophic damage to our energy infrastructure up in the north of the state so it will take considerable time to restore that,’ he said.

Recovery efforts are being hampered by the extreme weather, with the Bureau of Meteorology warning of more wild weather to come.

It could produce wind gusts of up to 140km/h, especially along the west coast of Eyre Peninsula and up to 100mm of rain across the Adelaide Hills, bringing the risk of flooding.

Aflood warning has also been issued for Port Pirie, north of Adelaide, because of a storm surge and high waves.

The warnings come a day after wild winds ripped at least 22 transmission towers from the ground across the mid-north with about 80,000 lightning strikes hitting the state, some damaging generation facilities.

The SES responded to more than 450 calls for help on Wednesday and strike teams from Western Australia have been brought in to bolster local crews.

‘There’s still the potential for significant severe weather damage,’ said SES chief officer Chris Beattie.

‘We do have concerns for the coastal defences.’


– See more at:

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South Australia Super Strom | weather observations

Sep 29, 2016 by

South Australia Super Strom | weather observations
South Australia weather forecasts, weather observations, flood warnings and high sea forecasts

South Australia weather forecasts, weather observations, flood warnings and high sea forecasts


Anyone who needs to travel on the roads this morning please take care and be aware driving conditions have been significantly reduced.

As a result of the power outage a number of intersections are without traffic lights. Slow down at any affected intersections.

Some intersections will be controlled by police and motorists need to slow down and follow their directions.

There have reports of trees and power lines across roads. Delays can be expected please be patient on the roads. Make sure you drive to the conditions and turn on your head lights.

Power has been restored at some locations throughout the state but others are still experiencing power outages. Overnight some landline and mobile telephone services were also not available.

South Australia weather forecasts, weather observations, flood warnings and high sea forecasts

South Australia weather forecasts, weather observations, flood warnings and high sea forecasts


Anyone requiring medical assistance but not able to call Triple Zero (000) are asked to attend their nearest hospital.

If you require other emergency services, please attend your nearest emergency service facility (police or fire station).

Stay tuned to your local radio station using a battery powered radio in your home or vehicle.

Residents can seek information on power outages in their local area


South Australia weather forecasts, weather observations, flood warnings and high sea forecasts

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Adelaide Best Family Beaches | Adelaide Best Family Local Beaches

Sep 7, 2016 by

Adelaide Best Family Beaches | Adelaide Best Family Local Beaches

If you are searching for some weekend fun for you and the entire family, why not spend a day lounging, swimming, and playing at the beach? There are many wonderful beaches to choose from in Adelaide, but some that are simply more family-friendly than others.

What To Look For In A Family-Friendly Beach


There are many factors that make a beach a perfect family spot, a few of which include:

  • Free parking area that isn’t too far of a walk

  • Excursions and activities—water excursions, sports, jetty, nature trails, etc.

  • On-site or nearby food and beer, but you can of course bring your own

  • Other kids to play with, while not being too crowded

  • Peak hour lifeguards and patrolling

Some Of Our Favorite Adelaide Beaches


There are no shortage of beaches to choose from, some of our favorites being:

  • Brighton Beach

  • Christies Beach

  • Glenelg Beach

  • Henley Beach

  • West Beach

These beaches are the perfect place to enjoy some fun in the sun with the entire family. These family spots have free parking areas, and plenty of activities for a weekend of fun!

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A robbery at a Port Adelaide pizza restaurant

Aug 26, 2016 by

A robbery at a Port Adelaide pizza restaurant

Police are investigating a robbery at a Port Adelaide pizza restaurant a short time ago.

About 9.30pm, two men entered the Church Place store, threatened staff with a hammer and made off with cash. They were last seen running away and getting into a white Toyota Camry sedan.

No one was injured during the robbery.

One suspect is of Caucasian appearance, wearing dark clothing and a bum bag. The second suspect is of Aboriginal appearance, wearing a black hoodie, grey track pants and black shoes. Both men appear to be aged in their early 20s.

Anyone with information that may assist the investigation is asked to contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000 or online at

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2016 Federal Election: Uncertain outcome as recriminations begin to fly

Jul 3, 2016 by

2016 Federal Election: Uncertain outcome as recriminations begin to fly

AUSTRALIA’s double-dissolution election has failed to hand Malcolm Turnbull the stability he wanted, instead leaving the nation in suspense as to its eventual outcome.

The National Liberal Party leader insists the final trickle of votes yet to be counted will tip him over the line of 76 seats needed for majority government. If so, he will perpetually be just one scandal away from losing power.

Labor party leader Bill Shorten also has been unable to claim government, but has declared his party ‘is back’ and that the Coalition no longer has a mandate from the people.

The prospect of a hung parliament remains.

With a little more than 77 per cent of the vote counted,after pre-poll votes were added to running totals in 150 lower house seats in the early hours of this morning, the Coalition and Labor had each won 67 seats, the Greens one and independents four.

The future Australian government will now be resolved by the 11 seats which remain in doubt. Of these, Labor is ahead in six.

Any hopes the double-dissolution election and revised electoral rules would deliver stability to Australia’s Senate may have been dashed. While the Senate count process is also yet to be completed, it appears the cross-bench will include Darryn Hinch, Jacqui Lambie, three Nick Xenophon Team senators and Pauline Hanson.

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Brickwork Marketplace | Another Aspect

Jun 12, 2016 by

Brickwork Marketplace | Another Aspect

Brickwork marketplace ,now big cool mall , including  Woolworths Dan murphy , cibo tony and marks and hand car wash ( Touch N Glow ) . It also has more than 40 speciality shops and 700 on- grade car park and proven favorite franchises such as cibo.

brickworks market adelaide

Brickworks market Adelaide

Now we have a hand car wash there when people need their car wash they can get it done, while shop.

But bank branch and a post office is required at brickwork marketplace. People really need post office services at marketplace.

Before a big mall it was a local market, famous for vegetables and other trendy reasonable kid toys, at that time it was two story dumps.

People love visiting here on Saturday Sunday, at night time people used to bring their muscle cars, under lights. It was really scenic.

Lot of childhood memories are buried.

When Woolworths took over the place they fill all dumped place with huge amount of soil, to fill two story dump.

At the moment big Woolworth mall is here, locals, especially women are relived, cause another market is around 4-5 kms away.

Yesterday i was thinking about another prospect of brickwork market place.

Adelaide oval is a stadium in Adelaide, South Australia, located in the parklands between the city centre and north Adelaide.

The stadium is mostly used for cricket and Australian Rules football, but also plays host to rugby league union, soccer, and concerts. Its record crowd for cricket was 52,633 during the 2014-15 big bash league season semi-finals between the Adelaide strikers and Sydney sixers,

From Adelaide oval brickwork marketplace is only 5-7 kms away.

In city there is lack of space for car parking. If somehow manage to build local transport from brickwork marketplace to Adelaide oval, it can be great for fans and as a facility.

Cause brickwork marketplace was already two stories down. If they build underground car parking, car parking spaces could be highly increased 700 to 1000 parking.

In city they charge average 12-13$ for night. But if they will charge even $5 per night for a one car. Govt and council can earn $2000- $5000 per night on weekends. Underground car parking would be Great idea.

Brickwork marketplace if some one has more suggestion please let us know in comment box..

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