FaceBook Advertising Credits and Coupons

Jun 2, 2016 by

  • How do I activate an advertising coupon?

The way you activate an advertising coupon will vary depending on whether or not you’ve created an ad on Facebook before.

Keep in mind that we require adding a payment method in addition to your coupon so we have a payment method to charge if you use all of your advertising coupon balance, but still have ads running. We’ll try to use up your coupon first, and you’ll only be charged once your coupon is fully used or it expires.

Note: At this time, we can’t allow you to pay any outstanding balances with advertising coupons. You can pay outstanding balances with any payment method other than an advertising coupon.

  • Create an ad.

Create an ad.
After you click Place Order, you’ll see a box with the option to add a coupon.
Select Facebook Ad Coupon, enter the coupon code you received (it’ll have a combination of letters and numbers) and then add a primary payment method, like a credit card.
To activate a coupon as an existing advertiser:

  • Go to your Ads Manager and select the Billing tab at the top
    Select the Edit Payment Methods tab
    Click Add Payment Method
    Select Facebook Ad Coupon




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