Rishi Khandelwal guilty of stealing from Tax office

Aug 17, 2016 by

Rishi Khandelwal guilty of stealing from Tax office

Rishi Khandewal, a former public servant has been found guilty of 302 charges which include stealing from the tax office. He has avoided going to jail but will serve a four-year sentence under an intensive corrections order in the community.

33-year-old Rishi had stolen more than $500,000 from the tax office by filing fraudulent tax returns between 2008 and 2010. He filed tax returns under the names of students most of whom had already left Australia.

Rishi Khandelwal, 33, managed to steal more than $500,000 from the tax office.

The long-running saga began in 2008 when Khandelwal began filing tax returns under real names, but with bogus amounts for jobs most of the students had never held. Khandelwal was a public servant and worked Food Standards Australia and New Zealand when he executed this “sophisticated” scam.





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