Punjabi Bande Best Android App | Finest Google App

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Punjabi Bande Best Android App | Finest Google App

Punjabi Bande Best Android App

Free Download Punjabi Bande

Instant messaging is now becoming widely popular wherein tons of people are using it to have great connection to their friends, family, and colleagues anywhere in the world. So if you are in need of the best application for your messaging, best Punjabi app, is one of the impressive messaging today that perfectly works even without the use of internet connection.
It can be used anywhere you are, be connected to other users of Punjabi Bande, and enjoy the private communications.
In case you want to reach for more people all over the world, open it using your internet connection. It will help you build audience in faster way than other social network that is free. Due to this, lot of people are turning now to use this Punjabi app. Through using this, you will have assurance that you will be connected immediately to all of your friends or simply meet and communicate with new friends.
Best description for Punjabi Bande:
 It is free online or offline messaging application
 It is ad free app
 It is lag free app
 You can register at Google
 You can register through the use of Facebook
 Register your own account with the use of your email
How does the finest Punjabi app works?
The greatest Punjabi app has innovative capabilities wherein the user can form a network to their device wherein you are allowed to send messages that will hop to one device to other that will surely reach its recipients. Being able to transmit messages seamlessly even when their recipient is at a remote area is one of the best reasons why more people love using this app. Thus, you will have the assurance that your messages will be read only by your recipient and cannot be seen by any individuals who are not meant to read it.
Also, with this free offline messaging app, you will enjoy various features like instant messaging to numerous users, works effectively both online or offline, works even without the use of the internet connection, applicable to all devices, can connect directly to other user and easy to use.
Punjabi Bande is now becoming popular all over the world due to its best features, description, functionality, and ease of use. There is no doubt that time will come that more and more people will continue to use and patronize this app.
Aside from this, it can provide you lot of advantages as you start to use it wherein you will surely love it most. This is also useful for people who are in their own business because they can now easily contact their employees, colleagues of the company in performing their business jobs. Through this app, you will enjoy the great benefits it can provide you.
So if you are in need of reliable offline and online app for messaging, Punjabi Bande is the best option for you. It is the app that you can always trust in terms of sending messages so try it now today!

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Google is testing longer snippets – More space for titles and descriptions

May 29, 2016 by

Google is testing longer snippets – More space for titles and descriptions

There hasn’t been however any official confirmation on whether the test has been completed and if the new length for titles and descriptions is generally valid.

This is not the first time this year that Google is experimenting with its search results in the SERPs. In January 2016, thesempost reported about three- to four-column search snippets. On May 10th 2016, “Telegraph” wrote about Google changing the background of search results to black. And in April, Google changed the AdWords background to green.


The facts

The new snippet view now allows up to 70 characters for the title instead of the previous 55. If this maximum is exceeded, the title is automatically truncated and “…” appended.

As for the description, webmasters and SEOs now have up to 175 characters at their disposal. The previously recommended length was about 150 characters. A “prolonged” title practically looks like this:


Figure 2: Title with 64 characters in the Google SERPs

The presumption that more space is now allowed, but currently (as of May 17th, 2016) not yet available for everyone, is based on different search results, e.g., when you search for “Gas Lawn Mowers”. Some search results are awarded much more space after the description.

Apparently Google also hasn’t adapted its automatic snippet creator to the new length. The snippets only support the previous number of characters (see arrow in the screenshot below).


Figure 3: Google and webmasters have not yet responded to the adaptation of snippets

What to do now?

If you want to profit from the prolonged titles in the SERPs, you should modify your snippets as soon as possible. This way, you can be able to, for instance, integrate additional call-to-actions or add the name of your brand.


Previous title: Bake your own organic cakes using spelt and rye (48 characters)
New title: Bake your own organic cakes using spelt and rye – organicbakers.com (68 characters)

OnPage.org enables you to easily check the length of the titles on your webpages. Simply go to the Zoom Module, click on “Content” and select “Title” and “Length”.


Figure 4: Check the length of your titles using OnPage.org

Clicking on the yellow diagram labeled “Too Short” displays a list of all titles that are shorter than 30 characters. Here, the report evaluates the pixel length, so the number of characters may indeed be higher, but the title is still too short.


Figure 5: View all titles that are too short on OnPage.org

You can thereafter use OnPage.org to also check the length of your meta descriptions.

To create the report, click on “Content” in the OnPage.org Zoom Module, select “Descriptions”, and click on “Length”.


Figure 6: Check the length of the descriptions using OnPage.org

In this report, you can also use a filter to view descriptions that are too short or too long and easily review the results.


Indications suggest that Google will provide more space for organic search results. We can only speculate about the reasons. Basically, it is important that you act now and try to make the most out the longer text length. For example, you can add more call-to-actions in order to make your website standout in the search results. This raises the chances of more users clicking on the search result and, thus, improving the click-through-rate of your website. In addition to this article, our OnPageTutorial provides you with all the tips that are important for the optimization of your title tags.

Happy Optimizing!

Published on 05/25/2016 by Eva Wagner.

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Best Free Places to Submit Your Website

May 27, 2016 by

1. Google:
2. Yahoo/Bing:
3. Submit Express:
4. Free Web Submission:
5. All Site Cafe:
6. Add Me:


These seven six sites will add and feed your new listing into 200-300 other directories. Depending on the nature of your website/blog, there may be products or service-specific-search-engines you may want to also consider. Finally, be patience. The process of getting your site listed is a relatively slow one. Unfortunately, usually take 4-10 weeks before you start showing up everywhere.


Submit Express

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