Zafarnama (English translation) The Epistle of Victory

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Zafarnama (English translation) The Epistle of Victory

ZAFARNAMA (The Epistle of Victory)

The Lord is One and His Word is True.

The Victory is of the Lord.

The Sacred Utterance of the Tenth Sovereign.

Verses 1 to 12

The Lord is perfect in all faculties. He is Immortal and generous. He is the Giver of victuals and Emancipator.1.

He is the protector and Helper; He is Compassionate, Giver of food and Enticer.2.

He is the Sovereign, treasure-house of qualities and Guide; He is unparalleled and is without Form and Colour.3.

Through His Generosity, He provides Heavenly Enjoyments to one without any wealth, falcon, army property and authority.4.

He is the Transcendent as well as Immanent; He is Omnipresent and bestows honours.5.

He is Holy, Generous and Preserver; He is Merciful and Provider of victuals.6.

The Lord is Generous, the Highest of the High; He, the preserver, is Most Beautiful.7.

The Lord is Omniscient, the Protector of the lowly; He, the Friend of the poor, is the Destroyer of the enemies.8.

He is the Source of all virtues, keeper of Dharma; He knows everything and is the Source of all Scriptures.9.

He is the Perfect Being and Treasure of Wisdom; He, the All-Pervading Lord, is Omniscient.10.

The Lord of the Universe, Knows all the sciences and breaks the knots of all complications.11.

He, the Supreme and Most High, Supervises the whole world; He, the Sovereign of the Universe, is the Source of all Learning.12.

Verses 13 to 18

I have faith in your oaths; the Lord Himself is the Witness.13.

I have not an iota of faith in such a person, whose officers have relinquished the path of Truth.14.

Whosoever puts faith on the oath of Quran, he is subjected to punishment on the final reckoning.15.

He, who comes under the shade of the legendary Huma, a very brave crow cannot harm him.16.

He, who takes refuge of the fierce tiger; the goat, sheep and deer do not go near him.17.

Even if I had taken an oath on Quran in concealment, I would not have budged an inch from my place.18.

Verses 19 to 41

How could forty famished persons fight in the battlefield, on whom ten lakh soldiers made a sudden attack.19.

Your army breaking the oath and in great haste plunged in the battlefield with arrows and guns.20.

For this reason, I had to intervene and had to come fully armed.21.

When all other methods fail, it is proper to hold the sword in hand.22.

I have no faith in your oaths on the Quran, otherwise I had nothing to do with this battle.23.

I do not know that your officers are deceitful, otherwise I would not have followed this path.24.

It is not appropriated to imprison and kill those, who put faith on the oaths of Quran.25.

The soldiers of your army, clad in black uniforms, rushed like flies on my men.26.

Whosoever from them came near the wall of the fort, with one arrow he was drenched in his won blood.27.

None dared to come there near the wall; none faced then the arrows and destruction.28.

When I saw Nahar Khan in the battlefield, he was greeted with one of my arrows.29.

All those boasters who came near the wall, they were dispatched in no time.30.

Another Afghan, with a bow and arrow came in the battlefield like a flood.31.

He shot arrows heroically, sometimes in senses and sometimes in madness.32.

He made several attacks and was drenched with last.33.

Khwaja Mardud hid himself behind the wall; he did not enter the field like a brave warrior.34.

If I had seen his face once, one of my arrows would have dispatched him to the abode of death.35.

Many warriors wounded with arrows and bullets died in the battle on both the sides.36.

The darts were showered so violently, that the field became red like poppy flowers.37.

The heads and limbs of the dead were scattered in the field like the balls and sticks in the game of Polo.38.

When the arrows hissed and bows tinkled, there was a great hue and cry in the world.39.

There the spears and lances provided a dreadful sound and the warriors lost heir senses.40.

How could bravery ultimately withstand in the field, when only forty were surrounded by innumerable warriors?41.

Verses 42 to 70

When the lamp of the world veiled itself, the moon shone in brightness during the night.42. He, who puts faith on the oaths of the Quran, the True Lord gives him the guidance.43.

There was neither any harm nor injury; my Lord, the vanquisher of the enemies, brought me to safety.44.

I did not know that these oath-breakers were deceitful and flowers of Mammon.45.

They were neither men of faith, nor true followers of Islam, they did not know the Lord not had faith in the prophet.46.

He, who follows his faith with sincerity, he never budges an inch from his oaths.47.

I have no faith at all in such a person for whom the oath of the Quran has no significance.48.

Even if you swear a hundred times in the name of the Quran, I shall not trust you any more.49.

If you have even a little of faith in God, come in the battlefield fully armed.50.

It is your duty act on these words, because for me, these words are like the Orders of God.51.

If the Holy Prophet had been there himself, you would have acted on them with all your heart.52.

It is your duty and a binding on you to do as bidden in writing.53.

I have received your letter and the message, do, whatever is required to be done.54.

One should act on his words; the speech and action should correspond.55.

I agree with the words conveyed by the Qazi, but if you promise to come on the right path.56.

If you want to see the letter containing oaths, I can send you the same immediately.57.

If you come yourself in village Kangar, we can meet each other.58.

Do not bring in your mind the danger of coming there; because the Brar community acts according to my orders.59.

We can talk to each other in this way; kindly come so that we may have direct talk.60.

Your saying that I may bring for you a very fine steed of one thousand rupees and get this area as a feoff (jagir) from you, you may keep this thing in your mind.61.

I am the man of the Sovereign of Sovereign and His slave; if He permits me, then I shall present myself there.62.

If He permits me, then I shall be present there in person.63.

If you worship One Lord, you will not cause any delay in this work of mine.64.

You should recognize the Lord, so that you may not talk ill or cause injury to anybody.65. You are the Sovereign of the world and you sit on the throne, but I wonder at your ill acts of injustice.66.

I wonder at your acts of piety and justice; I feel sorry at your sovereignty.67.

I wonder very much regarding your faith; anything said against truth brings downfall.68.

Do not be rash in striking your sword on helpless, otherwise the Providence will shed your blood.69.

Do not be careless, recognize the Lord, who is averse to greed and flattery.70.

Verses 71 to 75

He, the Sovereign of Sovereigns, fears none; He is the Master of the earth and heavens.71.

He, the True Lord, is the Master of both the worlds; He is the Creator of all the creatures of the universe.72.
He is the Preserver of all, from ant to elephant; He gives strength to the helpless and destroys the careless.73.

The True Lord is known as `Protector of the lowly`; He is carefree and free from want.74.

He is Unassailable and Unparalleled; He shows the path as a Guide.75.

Verses 76 to 88

You are strained by the oath of the Quran, therefore, fulfil the promise made by you.76.

It is appropriate for you to become sane and do your task with severity.77.

What, if you have killed my four sons, the hooded cobra still sits coiled up.78.

What type of bravery it is to extinguish a few sparks of fire and fan the flames.79.

Listen to this well-said quotation of Firdausi : “The hasty action is the work o Satan”.80.

I have also come from the abode of Your Lord, who will be the witness on the day of Judgement.81.

If you prepare yourself for the good action, the Lord will give you an apt reward.82.

If you forget this task of Justice, the Lord will forget you.83.

The righteous should tread the path of truth and virtue, but it is still better to recognize the Lord.84.

I do not believe that man recognizes the Lord, who injures the sentiments of others through his action.85.

The True and Merciful Lord does not love you, though you have unaccountable wealth.86.

Even if you swear a hundred times by the Quran, I shall never trust you.87.

I cannot come to you and am not prepared to tread your path of oaths; I shall go, wherever my Lord will ask me to go.88.

Verses 89 to 94

You are king of king, O fortunate Aurangzeb; you are a clever administrator and a good horseman.89.

With the help of your intelligence and the sword, you have become the master of Deg and Tegh.90.

You are the acme of beauty and wisdom; you are the chief of chiefs and the king.91.

You are the acme of beauty and wisdom; you are the master of the country and its wealth.92.

You are most generous and a mountain in the battlefield; you are like angels wielding high splendour.93.

Though you are the king of kings, O Aurangzeb ! you are far from righteousness and justice.94.

Verses 95 to 111

I vanquished the vicious hill chiefs, they were idol-worshippers and I am idol-breaker.95.

Look at the time-cycle, quite undependable; whosoever it pursues, it brings his decline.96.

Think of the power of the Holy Lord, which causes one persons to kill lakhs of people.97.

If God is friendly, no enemy can do anything; the generous action proceed from the merciful Lord.98.

He is the Emancipator and the Guide, who causes our tongue to sing His Praises.99.

In troubled times He withdraws the faculty of sight from the enemies; He releases without injury the suppressed and the lowly.100.

He, who is truthful and follows the right path, the Merciful Lord is Graceful towards him.101.

He, who surrenders his mind and body to Him, the True Lord is Graceful towards him.102.

No enemy can ever beguile him, on whom the Merciful Lord showers His Graces.103.

When one man is attacked by lakh (100,000), the Generous Lord gives him protection.104.

Just as your hopes lie in your wealth, I depend upon the Grace of the Lord.105.

You are proud of your kingdom and wealth, but I take refuge in the Non-Temporal Lord.106.

Do not be careless about this fact that this saraae (resting place) is not the permanent abode.107.

Look at the time-cycle, which is undependable; it gives a fatal blow to everything of this world.108.

Do not oppose the lowly and helpless; do not break the oaths taken on the Quran.109.

If God is friendly, what the enemy can do?, though he may be inimical in many ways.110.

The enemy may try to give a thousand blows, but he cannot harm even one hair, (if God is friendly).111.

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Chaar Sahibzaade 2014 | Rise of Banda Singh Bahadur 2016

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Chaar Sahibzaade 2014 | Rise of Banda Singh Bahadur 2016

Chaar Sahibzaade 2014 | Rise of Banda Singh Bahadur 2016

Based on the sacrifices of the four sons of the 10th Sikh guru Gobind Singh.

  • Sahibzada Ajit Singh
  • Sahibzada Jujhar Singh
  • Sahibzada Zorawar Singh
  • Sahibzada Fateh Singh

Supreme sacrifice story of the younger sons of Guru Gobind Singh . Story of bravery & sacrifice story of the older sons of Guru Gobind Singh


Chaar Sahibzaade: Rise of Banda Singh Bahadur



The profound story of the martyrdom of the four sons of Shri Guru Gobind Singhji has long lived in our hearts. We cannot forget the courageous valor of Baba Ajit Singh and Baba Jujhar Singh at the battlefield at Chamkaur and the marvelous wisdom of Baba Zorawar Singh and Baba Fateh Singh at Wazir Khan’s courtroom.

Initial release: November 11, 2016 (USA)
Director: Harry Baweja
Film series: Chaar Sahibzaade Film Series
Produced by: Harry Baweja


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90 Marketing Strategies to Improve Your Fitness Business

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90 Marketing Strategies to Improve Your Fitness Business
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90 Marketing Strategies to Improve Your Fitness Business

A poor marketing strategy will definitely hamper the growth of your business. It is important for you to have completed your client avatar sheet by now.

When you fail to define who your targeted audiences are, you will have trouble attracting clients as you will only be sending out the wrong information.

But once you succeed in defining your ideal clients, it is will be easier for you to develop winning sales strategies that will boost your sales.

One fact you need to have in mind, is that only 1 to 5% of your sales lead will instantly make a purchase; the rest will want to understand the nature of your business.

85% of prospective buyers will first check all about you online before getting across to you.

As there is no perfect strategy that will attract great number of clients, you will have to experiment with several strategies. All you need do is to select about 5 of the strategies I am about to share with you, consistently put them to practice and then watch your business grow.

If you are ready, let’s get started.

90 marketing strategies that are guaranteed to boost your sales

  1. Tell the whole world about your business, wherever you find yourself. It’s a bad thing to let fear keep you from sharing with people how you can help improve their lives
  2. Your business card is a strong selling tool. You need to have lots of them
  3. The fastest way of building a robust client base, is to put in sufficient efforts in building strong relationships and alliances with your clients. Once you understand your clients, it will be easy for you to know their preferences. Go out of your way to build a strong relationship with the manager of the business, and then create a strategic alliance that will help your business grow.
  4. Having a Facebook Business page is the best way to build your community and your business. You need to have one
  5. Facebook ads are very efficient, especially with growing your leads and email database.
  6. Never underestimate the power of a blog, as it gives you a strong presence in your locality. With a blog, it will be easier for your prospective customers to understand the nature of your business. When they are ready to make a purchase, you will be the first they will contact. The post you put on your blog should be able to reflect your person. However, you will need to be consistent for a blog to work for you. At least, you should write once every week.
  7. The Social media should be your best ally. Facebook Instagram and I would even recommend SnapChat. Find out which platform you will find most of your clients. Once you have found it, stay on it all the time.
  8. Always be in your business uniform as it has a way of attracting needed attention
  9. Make friends and strike alliances with likes of massage therapists, chiropractors, dieticians, psychologists, physiotherapists and dieticians.
  10. Flier isn’t an outdated marketing strategy; make good use of them. Fliers give you 1 to 5% response rate. This is why you ask people who finally get across to you how they got to know about you, so as to know what works. Let’s assume you paid $200 to get your fliers printed and distributed and at the end of the day you got two clients willing to pay you $50 dollar every week for at least 3 weeks, then your investment was worth it.
  11. When visitors visit your home page, the first thing they will check is your about page. It can only grab their attention if it is catchy and creatively designed. People are never bored of stories, tell them a good one. Tell them about your background, your personality and anything you think will capture their attention.
  12. Never let go of clients you did business with in time past. Customers that have done business with you in the time past, will more likely come back. When you help people solve their problems, they will most likely come back again. A simple Hi to them, is a good follow up technique.
  13. It is important your friends and family know about your business. A simple email or letter will do. Hi, I would like you to check out my business and tell me how I might be of help to you. Let me know if someone else is interested.
  14. Reach out to all shopping centers and local markets around the locality of your business. This is an excellent way of getting the local people know about your business. You can either give them a flier or gift cards which they will win through draws.
  15. When trying to get many followers on Twitter, your first point of call should be the influencers and industry leaders. When you follow them, you will find them following you too.
  16. Get across to people that share the same interest with you via social media.
  17. Look for people who will inspire and encourage you, and reach out to them. Politely introduce yourself to them, and in no time you would have developed a strong business relationship with them.
  18. One way of making your clients feel special is to keep in touch cards. Most people neglect this strategy, but it works. A special email from you to a client will definitely relieve them the boredom of seeing bills all the time in their mails.
  19. A testimonial is a strong selling point for you
  20. Participate in events happening in your community
  21. Create a signage or a frame so as to increase the awareness of people about your business.
  22. Put a banner in front of your business space, with a value pack included in them. A client I once taught this technique did this and received more than 40 enquiries in a month.
  23. Stage interesting competitions on your blog
  24. Organize seminars
  25. Make good use of the internet in selling your products and services
  26. Find out the solution missing in your niche, and share them on your blog
  27. Offer free trainings on your website, as it helps build your client base faster.
  28. Share helpful contents on online forums
  29. When marketing your products online, your will need auto responders in creating a mailing list.
  30. You will need to install opt-ins on your website so as to get more leads
  31. Take networking seriously
  32. Offer something unique and different every month.
  33. One way of attracting loyal customers, is offering them gifts. A $100 gift card will be your best bet. You can either give them out as Christmas present, or to past clients.
  34. Be on the lookout for awards in your niche. I have friends that have won awards that really gave them the much needed exposure.
  35. To keep your readers long enough on your blog, you need to add links to other blogs.
  36. Consistency is important when you upload posts on Facebook. 5 posts a week should be a good amount to schedule to keep your facebook active and always showing up in the newsfeed. Make sure you follow the 80/20 rule – The 80/20 Rule’ should always be a big part of your social media strategy. It simply comes down to this: use just 20% of your content to promote your brand, and dedicate 80% of  content that really interests your audience and engages them in conversations.
  37. Develop creative ways of regularly reminding people of your business.
  38. Make it very easy for people to ask you questions on Facebook.
  39. Offers are what attract people to opt in on your website. You need to keep change them to make them attractive.
  40. Offer free calls during your monthly seminars.
  41. Never allow your website to grow stale. Keep it fresh all the time and use Google analytics to tweak as much as possible.
  42. Don’t just chat with people online, go out of your way to meet them offline
  43. What would you do if you are number 1 in the world? Ask yourself that question all the time.
  44. Well-designed landing pages can boost your sales. My favorite is Leadpages
  45. Attend all expos .
  46. Create Pop Ups or Landing pages to capture more visitors. Have them installed on your site
  47. Upload your videos on YouTube
  48. Your emails should include your signature
  49. Post insightful comments on blogs
  50. SEO on of the most important services to have done to your website.
  51. Give out freebies to your signed up to your database.
  52. It is important you keep up with the keywords people put into search engines. You can do this through the use of Google Keyword Toolbox
  53. Sign up on Sourcebottle, to receive updates for writing publications
  54. Send out letters to neighbors so as to make them know the services you offer.
  55. Take your potential clients to supermarkets and teach them how to spot good food deals
  56. Offer $1 happy hour points
  57. As a sign of appreciation, send out gifts to your clients in their workplace.
  58. Upload before and after pictures
  59. Give proofs of what you want to help people achieve
  60. Engage the use of testimonials for all the services you offer
  61. Never get tired of saying thank you to your clients. If possible, invite them for awards
  62. During each of your sessions, take photographs of your activities and have them uploaded online. Pictures make much bigger impression.
  63. Look for your clients going through difficult situations, invite them with someone they care about, and they offer them your services for free for 30 days. This is a good avenue for getting more clients
  64. Your clients will become your ambassadors when you give them the best treatment.
  65. Use school newsletters to your advantage, as they are quite cheap
  66. Lead boxes allow you gather people’s names. Offering $100 gift cards will even make it more efficient
  67. If you want to keep up with developments in your niche, you will need to conduct frequent surveys
  68. Place bananas either in front of your business or others. Then put a sticker right beside the banana which reads “Go banana with our $1 happy hour personal training session”
  69. Put your business cards inside fish bowls in local business, to make it easy for people to reach your business card
  70. Just like every other endeavor, consistency and perseverance are important
  71. A creative way of attracting more clients, is to give out free barbeques on Saturdays after your training sessions
  72. Allow your clients come along with their friends on Friday.
  73. Make friends with people into car servicing. Request them to put your stickers on the mirrors of cars after they are done servicing
  74. Device a way of welcoming people to your neighborhood either through the use of letters or vouchers
  75. Using community vouchers can greatly improve lead generation. This is more effective during fund raising sessions. One way of doing this is to create vouchers worth $100 and then giving 10 to 50 of them to schools or charities, requesting them to sell them for $15 to $20. What you are really interested in is generating leads. The school or charities can keep the proceeds from the sale.
  76. Every month, select a business within your locality, based on your feedback received from your clients. After that, go to them with a letter or voucher and award them “business of the month”
  77. Together with the restaurants and cafes in your locality, go out of your way to design nutritional breakfast, and then put your business brands on them.
  78. Other than striking alliance with car servicing businesses, do the same for florist by sending them bouquet of flowers or gifts just to make them feel special
  79. Send out birthday wishes to your former clients and all contacts on your mailing list
  80. Devout a day in a month to create awareness about your business
  81. Use your car as a moving billboard by branding your business signature on them
  82. Whenever you are speaking at an event, ensure your banners are kept in a strategic location
  83. Eliminate fears from your clients by offering them money back guarantee
  84. Put pictures that reflect success of your program in your club
  85. Regularly update your details on Google Map and Place
  86. Brand your services on t-shirts and water bottles
  87. During festive occasions like Christmas, send out vouchers to your clients for their friends and families
  88. Work collaboratively with charities. There are so many ways by which you can make donations. Some include; unwanted clothes, a fraction of your sales, discounts etc.
  89. It is important you monitor all your prospects. One sure way of doing this is through the use of 1-31 folders which can stay for a month or so. Let’s say a client asked you to call on 21st, all you need do is to put a reminder in the form of a note inside the folder
  90. Nothing is a fun as social days. Your fitness program will be successful if you can bring your clients on certain days, and make them have a great time with their friends and families.

If you took your time to read all strategies shared here, you will have noticed that most of them require building a solid relationship. It is vital for your success.

You don’t need to follow all the strategies shared here religiously. Just find out what works best for you and make necessary improvements.

When inquiring how your clients got to know about you, try finding out if it was through your fliers, your website or both.

It is entirely in your hands to make this strategies work for you.

They work if you apply them properly


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Feedback for Existing Copy | Offline Marketing Tactics

Oct 9, 2016 by

Feedback for Existing Copy | Offline Marketing Tactics

Feedback for Existing Copy

  • The body copy and unsubscribing paragraph comes off as “fake”, or “not-genuine”.
    • Emails need to come off as personally meaningful, otherwise email won’t be opened at all (Ryan & Graham, 2014)
      • Consumers like things that make them feel comfortable
        • Cues that provide personal connection, relevant topics and themes that they find personally meaningful
        • Familiarity – recognizable sender names (celebrities, spokespeople, consistent personal tags)
      • One of our brand’s core values is Trustworthy
        • Which means that everything we release has to increase trustworthiness. Funny, yes, memes, yes, but any copy that decreases trustworthiness, genuineness, and honesty goes against our brand
        • ‘Trustworthiness demands utmost honesty, credibility and transparency’ (Ryan & Graham, 2014)


  • The copy has a really good rational component, but doesn’t really play up the emotional component to get people engaged in the brand
    • Brand attitude links the brand with a purchase motivation through a benefit claim (Rossiter & Percy, 1987):
      • A benefit claim includes a cognitive (rational) and emotional component
      • The emotional component is comprised of a dynamic emotional sequence

Emotional Appeal

  • We want a dynamic sequence of emotion to be triggered in our email copy.
    • Our brand relies on four of Rossiter and Percy (1987; 1991)’s identified purchase motives:
      • [Drive Reduction] = Negative -> Neutral Emotion
        • Problem removal (solve)
          • Annoyance -> relief
          • Because of our Tagline (Solving first world problems)
        • [Drive Increase] = Neutral/Negative -> Strong Positive Emotion
          • Sensory gratification (enjoy)
            • Dull -> elated
            • Because of our Brand Essence (Cheeky Fun)
          • Intellectual Stimulation (explore, master)
            • Neutral / Bored -> Excited
            • Neutral / naïve -> competent
            • Because of our Brand Promise (“you do you, better”)
          • Social Approval (personal recognition)
            • Neutral / Apprehensive -> Flattered
            • Neutral / Ashamed -> Proud
            • Because of our Company Name (“Thanks Bro!”)


  • We want especially to elicit the strong positive emotional reactions from the user’s neutral state through the copy
  • And create urges in our consumers for behaviours found in Rossiter & Percy (1987)’s parentheses (e.g. explore, master / personal recognition, etc)
    • Feel-good effect [of copy] increases brand value in consumer’s mind (Blackston, 1995)
    • Connection with advertising is mostly emotional, and if the emotional experience is positive, also affects favourable decision-making (Isen, 1984)
    • Attitude toward brand is mediated by emotional experience raised by advertising (Murry et al., 1992)


  • We want the copy to be congruent with and enhance the ideal self-image of our end-user.
    • Because enhancing the ideal self-image of our end-user/consumer is our brand promise (“you do you, better”)
    • The more significant the emotion change (i.e. the more engaging the positive emotion at the end is), the more impactful it is (Rossiter & Percy, 1991)
    • Every customer carries a template of the ideal person they want to be (Johar & Sirgy, 1991)
    • The more an advertisement enhances the consumer’s ideal self-image, the more impact it has and vice versa (Kover et al., 1995)
    • The abrupt emotional change comes from a consumer reading copy. If that affect is congruent with that person’s (positive) ideal image, the impact of the advertisement increases (Kover et al., 1995).
    • The Millennial’s ideal self (in general) is autonomous, independent, and individualistic. Self-realization is at the peak of success (Varela, 2013)
    • The [overall] ideal emotional self is one who is “competent and caring, arousing and active, but full of desire.” (Kover et al., 1995)



  • This best happens because they want us in their life – so the copy needs to establish a personal, warm, and friendly emotional connection as well as the rational one (Chauffey, 2003)

Activity (Two-Way Marketing)

  • We want our subscribers to play an active part in our community and emails are a big part of that
    • As activity encourages user participation and interaction with the brand (Chauffey, 2003; Ryan & Graham, 2014)
    • Activity can be: Filling out polls, making suggestions for the future, rating and reviewing products (Chauffey, 2003)
    • Users need to see that they are being valued by the interaction (Chauffey, 2003): the marketing has to offer a channel going both ways


  • We want our subscribers to be able to suggest first world problems that we could solve in the future with the right products and services
    • The email for that is



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Over 100 Powerful Offline Marketing Tactics

Oct 9, 2016 by

Over 100 Powerful Offline Marketing Tactics

Over 100 Powerful Offline Marketing Tactics…



This powerful guide lists over 100 sales-boosting offline marketing tactics.


They’re creative, attention grabbing ideas aimed at giving your business an edge for a low budget.


Read on to be inspired!….

Not everyone is ready to jump into the online marketing game, especially those that are brand new to the industry.


If you are in direct sales, home party plan company or MLM/Network Marketing there are tons of creative ways to leverage your OFFLINE marketing efforts to share your business.


The only rule of thumb here is to Be CREATIVE. Share what you do in a passionate authentic way.


The more memorable you make the experience in making people feel that you truly value them and they are not just another sale will not only make you stand out from the crowd but you will be more successful.



#1. In a small zip lock bag include the following: Your business card, mini flyer of current host specials with a discount coupon and inspirational quote card. {I love the Power Of Thoughts card deck by Louise Hays. 64 cards in a deck would make 64 bags putting one card in each bag}.

Hand these out to the bank tellers, retail cashiers. Thank them for the job that they do. Make them feel valued. “You gave me such great service today, here is an inspirational message you can carry with you every day”. You don’t have to say anything about your business they will see it when they open it. Leave them the message of feeling inspired for doing a good job.


#2. Hotels & motels stays: Leave a mini catalog, business card and discount coupon for the housekeeping staff. Be creative when you leave tips for hotel maids, waitresses, waiters, hair dressers, etc. Don’t just hand them your business card, make it memorable. Thank them for the job that they do, give a compliment about your stay.


#3. Print out flyers with your contact info: your website address, email address and social media profiles along with any current specials you are offering. Then contact local apartment complex rental offices and ask them if you can leave fliers in their office or hang on their tenants doors. Offer to give the office employees a FREE gift or discount on their personal orders as a thank you for allowing you to leave your fliers.


#4. Connect with local area bridal supply stores, bridal gown stores, caterers, tux rental centers, etc. Ask them if you can leave your business cards and fliers about your company for them to give to their customers. Offer store owners a FREE gift, personal discount, free workshop, etc. for helping you spread the word about your business.


#5. Daycare Centers: They are an excellent way to connect with other women and moms.  Connect with the manager and inquire about leaving your business cards and other information. Get even more TARGETED and print out a flyer with your children’s line of products and attach your business card and a discount coupon. So whatever company you represent, find some items that cater to children or to moms and make up a flier or blitz card {moms spend way more money on their kids than they do themselves}. Take this a step further and think about the time of year and what holidays are coming up. Offer a free gift to the staff as a thank you for allowing you to share your information.


#6. A lot of churches hold Spring and Fall Festivals. Connect with them about getting a table or a booth. Ask about the cost of the booth and what their usual turn out is before committing. Careful ask yourself if this is the right event to connect with your ideal client.  In addition to products, be sure you take business fliers, plenty of catalogs, business cards etc. Make up entry blanks for a give-away that gather the customers info so that you can capture their information and follow-up with them later.


#7. Look into joining your local area chamber of commerce. Yes this will be a $150+ per year investment but can be very beneficial for connecting with like minded business people. They are always holding local business events, luncheons and mixers that you can participate in and as a member you will have access to their email list. They can even do a ribbon cutting ceremony for your business.


#8. College Campuses. The younger generation is becoming more and more open to entrepreneurship. Connect with the administrator for the campus. Ask about bulletin boards, tables and other things where you can share your information. Be upfront and honest about what you do. Running a business is not easy and it costs money. Don’t market your business as some easy gig that a college student can do in between classes from their phone. This type of message is icky and gives the industry a bad rap. Be upfront that you are looking for business minded goal oriented driven people to connect with to share how your business may be a good fit for them.


#9. Contact your local area welcome wagon or welcome to the neighborhood committee. Ask them about leaving mini catalogs, fliers, business cards, discount coupons, freebie mini gifts, etc with them. They are always looking for additional items to place in their welcome bags/baskets and can be great exposure for your business.


#10. Contact your local area hospitals and ask to talk to the person who coordinates the new mommy bags. These are filled with products, samples and other stuff for new moms who just had a baby. This may be FREE and it may cost to advertise. Before you spend money on advertising ensure that new moms are your ideal client.


#11. Contact your local medical offices, particularly Gynecology and OB Offices and Pediatric Offices and inquire about you leaving information with them. Catalogs in the waiting rooms, etc. Offer a FREE gift to the staff as a thank you.


#12. Donate a product to your local area radio station, they have numerous monthly contests and they are always looking for sponsors for give-aways.


#13. Donate a product to your local area bingo halls if you feel this is a good market to tap into. They may be looking for sponsors of their Bingo prizes. Ask how many people they have show up at Bingo, what the age range is and go from there. Ask questions, do your research.


#14. Call your Chamber of Commerce and find out about local area job fairs. Find out information for a booth and focus on the business opportunity side. Be strategic with the info you share focusing on success stories of your team and company. {Facts Tell – Stories Sell}. Be sure to host a give-away or contest to collect information for follow up. Ensure that the cost of a booth will be worth your time. Ask questions not only on the cost for a booth, but how do they promote the event, is this an annual event, how many people came out for the last event. Be strategic.


#15. Call your local area colleges and find out when their next job/employment fair is. A lot of times you can get a booth or table for less than $35. Be strategic with the info you share focusing on success stories of your team and company, especially stories of younger people in the company around the same age. Always think TARGET MARKET. {Facts Tell – Stories Sell}. Be sure to host a give-away or contest to collect information for follow up.


#16. Contact local area car dealerships and ask about donating a small hand/small packet FREE to their customers who come in and test drive a new vehicle.


#17. Target your local area gyms if your product is TARGETED to the health and wellness field. You can get a table space for $20 or less in most cases. Make sure you have 3-5 products on display, plenty of catalogs, business cards, fliers and success/transformation stories. Host a give-away so you can capture information to follow up later.


#18. Network with other business owners in your community. Find out what events and activities they participate in. They are usually “in the know” and can help you get started in networking in your community.


#19. Contact companies in your area to see if you can come in and set up a table in the employee lounge or cafeteria for a employee shopping break, especially during holiday times if you have products that sell well during the holidays or after the holidays if you have health and wellness products. You will be surprised how many companies will allow you to do this if you ask them.  Be sure to make up a nice thank you gift for the HR person who helps you coordinate this.


#20. Does your local area TV cable company have a local information channel? Inquire about advertising. These ads can reach thousands of potential buyers for you. Do target market research first before spending this kind of money to advertise. Know the audience of the station, how many it reaches. Are they your target market?


#21. Contact local small companies and shops to see if you can offer an exclusive discount or freebie gift to their employees. Companies are always looking for a way to “treat” their employees to specials from the local surrounding community.


#22. Small Home Town Newspapers – If you have an advertising budget your smaller town newspapers are very affordable. Do some research and see which ads have run the longest in the paper and get a good response. The person who handles this for the paper will be happy to go over that information with you.


#23. Get a low cost outdoor banner printed up with your business information on it. You can usually get them done for $100 or less depending on who makes it. You can have these outdoor banners displayed at outdoor music/concert events, outdoor children’s sporting events, outdoor adult sport events, outdoor neighborhood block parties, outdoor community events, carnivals, fairs, etc. **Don’t put date specific info on it so you can use it over and over again.**


#24. During good weather days, get out into the community. Contact local area parks and community centers to see what their schedule of events are and inquire about setting up a booth or table. This is a great way to network and market your business to those in your community. If your products are homemade/handmade you can also participate in Farmer Markets.


#25. Community Coupon Packs: Contact them and see how you can participate and advertise your business. Ask about their advertising reach – how many homes their mailers go out to and determine if the price to advertise is well worth the reach of homes.


#26. Contact small local area businesses such as hair salons, massage parlors, boutiques, banks etc. See if you can set up a table for 1 week with 3 of your best selling products on it along with some catalogs, fliers, coupons and your business card. Keep a basket on the table for any customer orders which you can follow up on after you return back to pick up your display. Offer the store owner or manager a free gift for allowing you to do this. You can also offer to donate a prize for a contest if they let you display the prize donated and get a copy of the contestants entry blanks after the promotion closes.


#27. Contact local area pizza shops, diners, deli’s and coffee bagel shops to ask them about advertising on their paper place mats.


#28. Contact local area restaurants, bars and clubs and see about advertising on their paper beverage coasters.


#29. Local Television Stations: are always holding on-air contests and website contests for their viewers, contact them about you donating a prize or gift certificate to sponsor one of their contests. Great exposure for your business.


#30. Attend local area holiday shopping events. Customers who are ready to spend holiday shopping money turn out for these events by the thousands. You can usually get a booth for less than $100 so they are economical to participate in during the busy holiday shopping season.


#31. Hold a local area community block party at your home or local community center. Families are always looking for something to do during the nice weather seasons.

Optional: Attend your neighborhood block party and set up a table with your product offerings or samples. Get out there in your community and get your business seen.


#32. Get your business listed in your cities telephone book yellow pages. If you have a physical location that can be verified by Google you can have your business indexed by Google.


#33. You can take this phone book advertising one step further by finding out what company makes the plastic vinyl phone book covers which have local business ads on them and get your business added to it.


#34. Get your business information printed up on pencils and hand them out to local colleges and technical schools for them to hand out to their adult students. This keeps your business information in front of them. (Make sure you only donate them to schools with adult students and know your target market. Ensure that this would reach your ideal client.


#35. Get a vehicle banner made for your automobile. I recommend the vinyl window clings or vinyl cling ones that stick to your automobile but don’t scratch or remove the paint. You can easily remove them when washing your vehicle. A local sign company can do these for you as well as online resources like


#36. If your city has a travel guide that tourists request, contact that business and find out how you can advertise in it.


#37. Local Visitor Bureau: Find out what kind of guide your visitor’s center puts out. You can usually get a small business ad printed on them for an economical price. Don’t advertise your personal location. If you don’t have a business location then advertise your website address or email address.


#38. Contact local area hotels, motels and bed and breakfast inns and ask them if you can do up a lobby basket and leave it in their lobby. You make up little packs of info about your business and products and put them into the lobby basket for their patrons to take. They usually have a pamphlet wall or area too with pamphlets from local area attractions etc. If they don’t have a lobby basket area, inquire about leaving your business info in their pamphlet area.


#39. Get your business info printed up on balloons. Think TARGETED – are your products and services are geared towards kids and moms? This is very economical to do and you can then distribute them to local community centers, sporting events and other types of places where parents book their children’s birthday parties. These balloons can be displayed at the birthday party giving you business exposure. You can usually get them done for .3-.8 cents each. Your business name & website address is all you need on them.


#40. Find a few other self employed business owners in your community to team up and collaborate. You can all sponsor a local parade float. Make up signs with your business info imprinted on them so that you can receive some great business exposure during the parade. You can even hand out fun items during the parade to families with your business info on them.


#41. Get some T-shirts printed up with a fun inspirational quote on it to give value and inspire others and include a fun line like ‘inspiration provided by” and your website. Design will be everything here. Think this through before spending money to print them. Hand them out to some friends, family and co-workers and ask them to wear them out and about in the community. This is their FREE gift for helping you to spread the word about your business and a way to support you. {this is a way to spread YOUR brand. Its a much softer approach and more effective than asking family to wear a T-Shirt that has a direct sales company plastered all over it}


#42. Get some canvas tote bags printed up with your with a fun inspirational quote on it to give value and inspire others, include a fun line like “inspiration provided by” and your website. Design will be everything here. Think this through before spending money to print them. Give them to your family and friends and ask them to use them at grocery stores, running errands around town {this is a way to spread YOUR brand.


#43. Have fun small window stickers for your business made for your vehicle that you can put on the back glass. Think outside of the box here, make it fun, make it memorable. An inspirational quote, a favorite buzz word or catch phrase. Always be thinking about how to make YOUR marketing stand out.


#44. Collaborate with a local boutique/store owner and ask about hosting a giveaway for her customers. If you are with an essential oils company and she is own a baby/children’s boutique the two of you can work together and host a giveaway with your products. Everyone who shops during the month of March will be entered into a giveaway. She can include items from the store and you can include a couple of your products for the give away.


#45 Does your city publish a local magazine? Contact them about advertising or if they hold contests for their readers offer to donate a product or service for their contest. If you love to write and have a blog, offer to be a guest writer and publish an article with value driven content which will lead people to check out more about what you do.


#46. Check out your local area state fairs and community carnivals, there are always a lot of them going on especially during the spring and summer. Think about the type of products that would do best at events like this to see if its worth the investment. Always keep targeted marketing at the forefront of your mind.


#47. Get some business card magnets printed up and hand them out to mix things up from a normal business card. People are more apt to keep a magnetic business card compared to a regular one which gets shoved into a drawer or wallet. By having a magnetized card, your business is kept in front of the potential customer/client. **Be sure to use colorful photography that will stand out, test out some different images on social media and see which one gets the most likes and comments. 93% of consumer spending comes from graphics so be sure to use great photography for an item like this that will cost more than the average business card.


#48. When you give gifts to family, friends, neighbors, co-workers etc. mix in you gifts from your company. This allows other people to see & touch your gift meaning FREE business exposure for you! {plus, you bought the gift from yourself so you are saving money}.


#49. If your products are food or drink related invite your spouses co-workers over to your home for a little mingling party. Serve some refreshments or do a cookout BBQ and use your products. Its a subtle way to expose people to what you do without being salesy or pushy.


#50. Do a neighborhood children’s shopping party: Leverage the holiday seasons like Valentines, Easter, Mother’s Day, right before end of school for teacher gifts and Christmas. Make sure you have plenty of inventory on hand. Make it a play date so parents can let the kids play while they shop easily for gifts and not have to drag tired kids into a store.

**To make it extra fun you can also have a gift wrapping table set-up so the gifts can be wrapped before they leave.**


#51. Do a joint party with another consultant in a non-competing business. Partying with a friend is always more fun. You can hold it at one hosts home, your home or at a local community center. Invite every one you know and have others help you spread the word. Hang up fliers at local centers & businesses too. Create a public FB event {if you are holding it at a more public place} to help spread the word and have more eyes see it on social media.


#52. Put an AD in the back of local high school yearbooks.


#53. Put an AD for your business in local athletic sport programs like at the High School level, Little League and even some professional sporting events.


#54. Contact local churches and religious groups and see if you can place an AD in their weekly church bulletins & program guides.


#55. Do you have a local Community Play House? If so, get a business ad placed in their play programs.


#56. Co-Sponsor a local youth athletic group: baseball teams, softball teams, cheer leading squads, gymnastic squads and swim teams, etc. are always looking for sponsors. Great exposure for your business in your local community.


#57. Get a Yard Sign: If you have a home business consider getting a yard sign printed up and proudly display it in your front yard. **BE CREATIVE: use catchy titles and buzz words w/ great pictures. You want it to get noticed and be rememberable so they want to check out more info on your site. Ensure that you aren’t breaking any HOA guidelines. Give value, you could share stories from your team, transformations from customers {ask permission FIRST}. Remember facts tell and do very little to inspire but stories sell.


#58. Does your neighborhood hold local meet & greets? If so, make sure you go out and network. Get to know your fellow community members. Build relationships. Get connected with them on social media. Give value.


#59. Donate a raffle drawing prize to a Non-Profit group or charity in your local community. They are always looking for prize donations for their charitable raffles.


#60. Do you have an online business and website? Consider getting some computer mouse pads printed up with your website address & business/brand name on them Include something that is of value and inspirational like a favorite quote or mantra. Give them as gifts. This will keep you and your website in front of them every time they sign online. This encourages them to check out your website often for new products, updates & features. **BE CREATIVE – use great graphics, branding images. Stay away from company products as that will continue to change. Instead lead with your brand and branding images and use a call to action or great inspirational quote.


#61. Local bus stops: Many have local business advertising on them? Call up the company and see how much it would cost you to advertise there. Be strategic, think about the area and demographics. What products or services would be best advertised in that location.


#62. Does your local area grocery store allow advertisers to place business ads on the back of their cash register receipts? If so, contact them about getting your business ad there too. Shopping cart baskets now have advertisements on them too.


#63. Local baby expo’s and baby events/contests. Set up a booth or table with your business info and products. These events are always very popular and a great way for you to reach new customers. THINK TARGET MARKET: Make sure when you invest in booths that your products and services are TARGETED for the audience. I can’t stress this enough.


#64. Watch your local newspaper for wedding, engagement and new baby announcements in your neighborhood. Make a list and then go to: to try to track down addresses. You can mail a card congratulating them, a nice thoughtful note, introduce yourself as someone who also lives in the area and slip in your business card. Offer a free product, a discount. GIVE VALUE.


#65. Stamp your business info to the outside of all outgoing postal mail. Include your business card on the inside. Do this for personal mail, business mail and for paying your bills.


#66. Contact your local fire and ambulance companies and see if you can set up a table at their next BBQ event or fundraiser event. It will probably even be FREE.


#67. Contact LOCAL Assisted Living Centers for Senior Citizens (NOT nursing homes and see if you can come in and offer a shopping opportunity being strategic around holiday times. Seniors can NOT get out like they used too so they appreciate being able to shop from home and the majority of them don’t own computers and if they do, they are not extremely computer savvy…so offer a one on one shopping experience with them. They also appreciate the adult company. 🙂


#68. Are there local small summer concerts held in your local parks? Ask about advertising/sponsorship options during these types of community events.


#69. Candy labels: You can have labels printed for chocolate bars. You can do something fun and inspirational on the outside of the label and on the inside place your business info. These are great to give for class parties, teacher staff, etc.


#70. Make up candy packs with your business info attached to them and hand out to the Halloween Trick or Treaters!


#71. Network with other consultants in other companies. Build relationships. Strive to order from others and they will most likely do the same for you. Ask them for a testimony that you can share and do the same for them.


#72. The PUBLIC Library: ask if you can leave catalogs, mini-flyers or blitz cards.


#73. Do a CATALOG SWAP with another party plan consultant (NON competing business). See if she will swap a few catalogs with you. You hand out a few of her catalogs at the END of your party and have her do the same! Hand them out as guests are LEAVING the party.


#74. Find someone who can do “mint books”…printed with a pretty graphic on it, along with your business info…they look like matchbooks and inside is a piece of peppermint hard candy. Make great handouts/touch points for your business.


#75. Do a PARTY SWAP with a Consultant in another HOME party business! (NON-COMPETING!) Tell her if she holds a (Your Company) Party for you… will hold a XYZ Party for her.


#76. Ask about getting your info printed onto golf tee’s and golf balls & then donate them to a local golf course, driving range, mini-golf course, schools who have a golfing program, or “little league” golf program.


#77. FOAM DRINK COZIES: See if the cost is feasible for you to have printed with your business info on them & hand them out at local sporting events. Design will be everything. Make them fun, give value, put something inspirational on them, use a fun funky pattern that people will want to use over and over and not toss in a drawer because it only advertises your business. Think outside the box. Be creative. Make it stand out.


#78. Indoor Concert Arena’s. Tons of advertising by local and national merchants at concerts. Check into the availability and cost.


#79. Children LOVE stickers. Buy stickers and have something fun and positive printed on them with your business info on them and hand them out. Chances are that the kid’s parents will see the stickers too.


#80. Temporary Employment Agencies: Ask about dropping off packets of info about Your Business Opportunity to them. The Economy is sluggish in a lot of the areas. Offer a nice referral fee to staff members for a referral {they get paid commission when they place employees so be sure to offer a nice referral for allowing you to leave information with them}


#81. Print up some flyers and get permission from local shopping centers to see if you can leave them on car windshields. Always ASK permission first. You will be surprised at how many will allow you to do this.


#82. Does your community print up FREE Renters Guides, House Buying Guides Etc? (you can usually find them for FREE at your local supermarket). If so, contact them about placing your business ad inside one.


#83. Got a local ice cream man who drives around in his ice cream truck throughout your community? Talk to him about passing out flyers or letting you add a logo onto his truck via a vinyl cling logo banner.


#84. Do a web search for you local county, local township and surrounding areas. You can find many websites for your area with FREE online business directories to list your business.


#85. Are there any professional moving companies in your area? If so, give them a call. They usually give out new business packet info to their customers/clients to welcome them to their new home. See about adding your business information to their “New Move” Packs.


#86. Podcasts are growing in popularity. Get in touch with podcasters and ask about advertising spots, sponsorships, for their podcasts.


#87. Get your business information printed out onto paper text book covers. You can make them yourself. Donate them to local area adult technical schools and colleges.


#88. Is there a local business in your area holding a upcoming grand opening? If so, contact them and ask if they are giving away freebies to the first few hundred customers plus they do heavy advertising announcing their grand opening. This is a GREAT way for you to capitalize on their marketing efforts.


#89. Get your business info printed up on inexpensive bookmarks and donate them to local area colleges, adult technical schools, book reading groups, libraries etc. You can usually print up your own bookmarks with your business info on them for less than .8 cents each! This will keep your business info in front of those avid book readers. They are also great to give away for FREE with customer orders. **Be creative here. Offer value. Don’t just advertise your business. Include an affirmation, inspirational message, bible verse. Use great design. Make it something people will want to hold onto, use and not lose.


#90. Put your Business Knowledge to work. Offer to teach classes.

Examples: If you are with a kitchen/cooking company offer to teach a cooking/meal prepping class. They are always looking for fast & easy ways to prepare healthy meals.

If you are a scrap booking consultant, offer to teach a class to new moms on how to scrapbook new baby pages.

If you are a Bath/Body/Spa consultant offer to teach pampering classes to women and moms, skin care and make-up tips.

You can find adult programs by contacting: Local Community Centers, Local Civic Groups and a lot of High Schools & Community Colleges offer evening classes to adults. (continuing education).

This generates leads, offers value and will lead to sales. Only takes a short amount of time!


#91. Put the word out to your friends, family & co-workers that you offer freebies to party go’ers. People who are holding baby showers, bridal showers, birthday parties, anniversary parties etc. make up party goodie bags and are always looking for things to stuff them with. Depending on what type of party it is depends on what you can donate. Print out pretty bookmarks, recipe cards, candy wrappers, gift bag tags, shopping lists, chore lists etc. with awesome creative graphics on them along with your business info.


#92. Print out your own Re-ordering labels. If you sell consumable goods {foods, spices, soaps, bath products, cosmetics etc} make sure you stick on a small re-ordering info sticker with your business info on it so that your customer can easily locate your information for placing reorders. This is also important to do considering some customers purchase items from you to give as a gift, this way the person who received the gift will also know how to contact you and will become a potential new customer for you.


#93. Establish a Referral program for your business and print out referral coupons. Offer established customers a free little gift or personal discount if they refer a new customer to you. Established customers are more apt to refer new customers to you if they know they will be rewarded for that referral. Verbal referral programs don’t work well, so print up referral coupons or referral promotion cards to hand out to your established customers.  You can also add a sticker to the backs of your business cards.


#94. Print out Coloring Pages with a small section on them advertising your business and donate them to local area restaurants, daycares etc.


#95. Contact your local area Girl Scouts, 4-H Club and other youth groups. Talk to them about you coming in to do a project with the youth’s in the group. You can also talk to them about your business fundraiser program if you offer one. During the summer time there are a lot of youth camps throughout the community. You can also find youth camps through local churches. Some are seasonal and some are year long programs. The YMCA is also a great resource.

For Example: If you are a Kitchen Consultant, come in and teach the youth how to cook or about kitchen safety. If you sell pet products, go in and talk about grooming a pet. If you sell candles, go in and make some mini candles or teach them how to decorate them for gifts. Be CREATIVE.


#96. If you are crafty with your computer you can print out tea bag wrappers with a pretty design on them along with your business information and wrap a tea bag. Donate them to: Assisted Living Centers, Senior Community Centers, Daycare Centers {to be given to the parents & teachers}, School Teacher Lounges, Employee Break Rooms etc. Be strategic and focus your efforts where you need to connect with your ideal type of customer/client.


#97 Make sure you leave info about your business on your answering machine or voice mail message. Not everyone who phones you knows that you sell or represent a particular company. **Be Creative. Don’t sound like every other person out there, “Hey you have reached Susy with XYZ Company”. Make it fun, leave an impression “Hi you have reached Susy, the chick who loves peppermint tea and saving people money on their makeup. I can’t take your call right now but leave me a message and I will get back to you as soon as I can.” Think outside the box. Leave an impression!


#98 Don’t toss your old out dated catalogs. Mail or distribute them thru-out your neighborhood. Make sure you stamp it OUTDATED and provide contact info for yourself so they can contact you if interested to get a current catalog and offer the a limited time special discount on brand new products being offered.


#99 Get Business Themed Banking Checks. Your bank checks pass thru tons of hands that could become potential customers or party hosts. If possible get your email address or website URL pre-printed onto them.


#100. Get your business info printed onto matchbooks and donate them to candle shops, smoke shops, clubs etc. to help get your business name out in your community!


#101 Contact your local HOA and ask about advertising in their monthly resident newsletter. These are usually very inexpensive, less than $50. Be TARGETED. Think about the demographics of your area and neighborhood. What kind of products would people be most likely to buy and showcase those items.

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15 clever psychological tricks that everyone should know

Jun 28, 2016 by

15 clever psychological tricks that everyone should know

15 clever psychological tricks that everyone should know

The following psychological tricks will make your life easier and help you cope with stressful situations. They’re well worth reading.

  1. When a group of people laughs, people instinctively look toward the group members they feel closest to (or want to feel closest to).
  2. Chew gum or eat food if you’re doing something that would normally make you feel nervous. It tricks a primal part of your brain into thinking you couldn’t be in danger because you’re eating.
  3. If somebody is angry at you and you stay calm, they’ll probably get angrier, but they’ll be ashamed at themselves later.
  4. If you ask someone a question and they only give you a partial answer, maintain eye-contact and stay silent. The person answering will usually assume that the original answer wasn’t good enough, and they’ll keep talking.
  5. Emotional expressions are one way to cause emotions. If you want to feel happy, smile as wide as you can.
  6. Don’t say or write, «I think» or «I believe». It’s implied anyway, and it sounds like you lack confidence.
  7. Before interviews, imagine you’re old friends with your interviewers. You’re in charge of the way you perceive your situation, and your comfort will be infectious.
  8. If you make yourself be really happy and excited to see other people, the next time they see you, they’ll probably be a lot happier and more excited about it. (Dogs do this trick to us all the time!)
  9. People are more likely to agree to a smaller favour if they deny a larger one or two first.
  10. Many physical effects of stress are the same as those of exhilaration (e.g. heavy breathing, speeding heart, etc.) If you reframe your threatening situation as a challenging one, your stress will become exhilaration.
  11. Most people can’t tell the difference between brilliance and confidence. If you seem like you know what you’re doing, people tend to rally around you.
  12. If you work in customer service, put a mirror behind you. Customers will be nicer because nobody wants to see themselves being a jerk.
  13. If you’re in a group meeting and expect someone to take you to task, sit right next to them. They’ll lose the pack mentality that makes them feel safe to attack you. At the very least, they’ll mitigate their meanness.
  14. When you’re on a first date, take your date somewhere exciting. They’ll associate you with that thrilling feeling.
  15. Try to notice someone’s eye colour when you meet them. People like you more for the slightly increased eye contact.


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Kaali Camaro Punjabi Lyrics

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Kaali Camaro Punjabi Lyrics

The man with the beard is back
Goniane aala!
Deep Jandu!

ਉਹ ਗੱਡੀ 150 ਤੇ ਜਾਵੇ ਬਾਈ ਕਲੇਜੇ ਫਿਰੇ ਠਾਰਦੀ
ਸਾਥੋਂ ਨਾਹੀਯੋ ਹੁੰਦਾਈ ਬਿੱਲੋ ਵਾਈਟ ਸ਼ਨੀਵਾਰ ਦੀ (x2)

ਟਾਊਨ ਟਾਊਨ ਫਿਰਦੇ , ਵਕਕੇ ਹੋਏ ਆ ਚੀਰ ਦੇ
ਦੇਜਾ ਦਿਲ ਪਤਲੋ ਕਾਹਤੋਂ ਫਿਰੇ ਸੰਗਦੀ

6-6 ਫੁੱਟੇ ਜੱਟ ਨੀ , ਬੋਲਦੇ ਆ ਘਾਟ ਨੀ
ਸੂਲੀ ਉੱਤੇ ਨੱਢੀਆਂ ਕੈਮਰਾ ਕਾਲੀ ਟੰਗਦੀ (x2)

ਛੱਡ ਦੇ ਨੀ ਕੇਹਰ ਜਿਨੂੰ ਆਪਣਾ ਬਣਾ ਲੈ ਆਏ
ਕੰਨ ਲਾਕੇ ਸੁਣੀ ਗੱਲ ਕੈਲਗਰੀ ਵਾਲੀਏ (x2)

ਆਉਂਦੀ ਜਾਂਦੀ ਵੇਖਦੇ , ਬੈਠੇ ਧੁੱਪ ਸੇਕਦੇ
ਬਾਬੇ ਦੀ ਆ ਕਿਰਪਾ ਮੰਗ ਕਈ ਆਏ ਮੰਗਦੀ

6-6 ਫੁੱਟੇ ਜੱਟ ਨੀ , ਬੋਲਦੇ ਆ ਘਾਟ ਨੀ
ਸੂਲੀ ਉੱਤੇ ਨੱਢੀਆਂ ਕੈਮਰਾ ਕਾਲੀ ..
6-6 ਫੁੱਟੇ ਜੱਟ ਨੀ , ਬੋਲਦੇ ਆ ਘਾਟ ਨੀ
ਸੂਲੀ ਉੱਤੇ ਨੱਢੀਆਂ ਕੈਮਰਾ ਕਾਲੀ ਟੰਗਦੀ

ਡਾਲਰ ’ਆਨ ਤੋਂ ਵੱਧ ਯਾਰ ਸੋਹਣੀਏ ਕਮਾਏ ਆ
ਨਿਰੇ ਹੀ ਬਾਰੂਦ ਵੈਲੀ ਜਿੰਨੇ ਵੀ ਬਣਾਏ ਆ (x2)

ਅੱਖਾਂ ਚ ਸੁਰੂਰ ਆਏ , ਭਾਨੀ ਦਾ ਗੁਰੂਰ ਆਏ
ਵੇਲਿਆਂ ਦੀ ਢਾਣੀ ਸੱਦੇ ਮੂਹਰੇ ਨਹੀਓ ਖੰਗਦੀ

6-6 ਫੁੱਟੇ ਜੱਟ ਨੀ , ਬੋਲਦੇ ਆ ਘਾਟ ਨੀ
ਸੂਲੀ ਉੱਤੇ ਨੱਢੀਆਂ ਕੈਮਰਾ ਕਾਲੀ ਟੰਗਦੀ (x2)

ਗੋਨਿਆਣੇ ਆਲੇ ਦਾ ਤੇਰੇ ਤੇ ਦਿਲ ਆ ਗਯਾ
ਐਵੇਂ ਨੀ ਤੇਰੇ ਤੇ 7-8 ਗੇੜੇ ਲੈ ਗਯਾ (x2)

ਸ਼ਾਨ ਮਾਂ ਅੱਖ ਦੇ
ਗੋਰੇ ਬੈਠੇ ਝਾਂਕ ਦੇ
ਤੈਨੂੰ ਤੱਕ ਤੱਕ ਕੇ
ਲੋੜ ਚੜ੍ਹੇ ਭੰਗ ਦੀ

6-6 ਫੁੱਟੇ ਜੱਟ ਨੀ ਬੋਲਦੇ ਆ ਘਾਟ ਨੀ
ਸੂਲੀ ਉੱਤਆ ਨੱਡੀਆਂ ਕੈਮਰਾ ਕਾਲੀ ਟੰਗਦੀ (x2)

ਆ ਗਯਾ ਨੀ ਓਹੀ ਬਿੱਲੋ ਟੀਮ ..
ਕੈਮਰਾ ਕਾਲੀ , ਕੈਮਰਾ ਕਾਲੀ , ਕੈਮਰਾ ਕਾਲੀ ਤਾਂ ਤਾਂ ..
ਕੈਮਰਾ ਕਾਲੀ , ਕੈਮਰਾ ਕਾਲੀ , ਕੈਮਰਾ ਕਾਲੀ ਤਾਂ ਤਾਂ ..



Kaali Camaro Lyrics: Amrit Maan’s latest Punjabi song which is sung and written by him. ‘Suli Utte Naddiyan Camaro Kali Tangdi’ is produced by Deep Jandu.

Singer / Lyrics: Amrit Maan
Music: Deep Jandu
Music Label: Speed Records


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ਬੰਦੇ ਨੂੰ ਦੁੱਖ ਵਿਚ ਕੰਮ ਆਵਣਾ ਚਾਹੀਦਾ …

Jun 26, 2016 by

ਬੰਦੇ ਨੂੰ ਦੁੱਖ ਵਿਚ ਕੰਮ ਆਵਣਾ ਚਾਹੀਦਾ …

ਬੰਦੇ ਨੂੰ ਦੁੱਖ ਵਿਚ ਕੰਮ ਆਵਣਾ ਚਾਹੀਦਾ …
ਖੁਸ਼ੀ ਵਿਚ ਤਾਂ ਹਿਜੜੇ ਵੀ ਆ ਜਾਂਦੇ ਆ ….


ਬੰਦੇ ਨੂੰ ਦੁੱਖ ਵਿਚ ਕੰਮ ਆਵਣਾ ਚਾਹੀਦਾ ... ਖੁਸ਼ੀ ਵਿਚ ਤਾਂ ਹਿਜੜੇ ਵੀ ਆ ਜਾਂਦੇ ਆ ....

ਬੰਦੇ ਨੂੰ ਦੁੱਖ ਵਿਚ ਕੰਮ ਆਵਣਾ ਚਾਹੀਦਾ …
ਖੁਸ਼ੀ ਵਿਚ ਤਾਂ ਹਿਜੜੇ ਵੀ ਆ ਜਾਂਦੇ ਆ ….

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Johnny Depp Surprises P!nk

Jun 26, 2016 by

Johnny Depp Surprises P!nk

P!nk reveals her crushes on Johnny Depp and Michael Keaton and Johnny surprises her by showing up during her interview.

Jimmy Kimmel serves as host and executive producer of Emmy-winning “Jimmy Kimmel Live,” ABC’s late-night talk show.

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